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Watson Lite As A Feather Gardening Gloves

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This pair of nylon seamless knit Watson Eco-Conscious Lite As A Feather Gardening Gloves are ergonomically formed to reduce hand fatigue while offering the strength and flexibility for real work!

This lightweight glove is formed for a woman's hand and offers a snug-fitting knit wrist to keep out dirt and debris. A polyester seamless knit shell made with WasteNot yarn is comprised of 50% recycled post-consumer PET bottles. Eco-conscious lightweight polyurethane coated palm, engineered with Reclaim technology that accelerates biodegradation in landfill conditions.

- Lightweight

- Snug-fitting knit wrist

- Made for a woman's hand

- Polyurethane coated palm

- Biodegradable

- Lets you grip objects with ease