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Canadian-Made Store FavouritesūüćĀ

March 14, 2024 6 min read

Canadian-Made Store FavouritesūüćĀ

At Moss, we're proud to stock our shelves with Canadian-made goods from all across the country. We know how important supporting local is to both us, and our customers.

Buying Canadian means making a conscious choice that can have positive ripple effects on the economy, the environment, and society.

Why buy Canadian?

  • Support the Local Economy: Purchasing Canadian-made products helps to keep money within the country‚Äôs economy, supporting local jobs and infrastructure.
  • Environmental Impact: Choosing Canadian-made products can reduce the environmental footprint due to less transportation and, consequently, lower emissions.
  • Ethical Business Practices: There‚Äôs a growing consumer interest in ethical business practices, and buying local can be a way to support businesses that adhere to responsible social and environmental policies.

Shop some of our favourite choices for all things made in Canada!

Anvil Island | Bear Hill Studio | Beeswax Candles | Blusaffron | C.R. Plastics | Dog Bite Steel | Lady Rosedale | Laura Secord | Moss Candles | Northbound Elements | Plant Vitamins | Sadie & June | Seracon Pure Maple Syrup Candle | Van Gogh | Vintage Map Cushions

Anvil Island

MADE IN: Vancouver, British Columbia

Anvil Island Design artist Jack Willoughby lives on Vancouver Island where the ocean beaches give him much of his inspiration. Jack's career as an artist began in steel working, then teaching metalwork at a Vancouver college where the freedom to create his own designs soon led him to start up Anvil Island Design. Jack's unique metal art is sold throughout North America, Europe and Japan.


Bear Hill Studio

MADE IN: Pemberton, British Columbia

Bear Hill Studio is a well established wholesale supplier of Canadian themed magnets, ornaments, and giftware to souvenir, gift shop and kitchenware retailers across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia and all points in between.


Beeswax Candles

MADE IN: Kaslo, British Columbia

Honey Candles is a proud Canadian company that is family owned and operated. With a small staff of skilled employees, we have been perfecting our craft for more than 30 years and are a leading choice for premium handmade 100% pure beeswax candles.

At Honey Candles we support small business by purchasing supplies locally whenever possible. Our beeswax is sourced from apiaries in Western Canada, and most of our packaging and displays are made in British Columbia using recycled materials. Beeswax candles have long been coveted for their inherent honey scent, and naturally long burning qualities and we pride ourselves on making beautiful candles that you can be proud to own and burn.


Blusaffron Candles

MADE IN: Saint-Lazare, Quebec

Born as a need of expressing myself through anything but words, Blusaffron scents have their roots in pure life, real emotion and true passion.

The Blusaffron luxury collection of scents evokes memories of my life, of your life and your best friend’s life. It takes you in the past and brings you in the moment... old or new memories are woken up by our amazing and unique scents.


C.R. Plastics

MADE IN: Stratford, Ontario

C.R. Plastics is a Canadian, family-owned and operated company since 1994, with a unique perspective on outdoor furniture and the circular economy.

We’re creating a safe and healthy environment for future generations to come, and our impact goes further than that. We’re setting the example and leading the charge on sustainability in outdoor furniture.


Dog Bite Steel

MADE IN: Uxbridge, Ontario

Jean Pierre Schoss uses reclaimed steel to craft unique figures for the backyard, fence, or garden. 

I use recycled materials for a number of reasons. First, it is our responsibility to contribute to this world in as many ways as possible. Garbage is a great place to start.

Oil tanks are costly to cut up and recycle so the scrap yards don’t want them. I began using oil tanks, water tanks and propane tanks to save money because the steel was so expensive. I soon realized what I was doing. The recycling had become part of my life. 

I began to look for more items that could be recycled into my work. If it is thick enough to last for years and years then I am interested. People bring me all sorts of things. I drag things out of the ditches some times and then the earth feels better! I drain the tanks of the sludge and oil and take it to the recycling depot. There is quite a process to getting the steel ready for the sculpture.

The material has a lot of character and always tells a life story. It has a lot more to say than a big, expensive sheet of new grey steel. Some tanks have many layers and colors of paint on them from being painted over the years to match houses and cottages.

Some of my work involves old tools, steps from antique carriages and 70 year old manure spreaders.

I never see just a steel object. I see the new life waiting to come out of it.


Lady Rosedale

MADE IN: Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

We are a family business proudly manufacturing in Canada with fabrics we have procured from around the world. We started our journey designing a collection including our own designs printed and produced locally. We have been designing and manufacturing beautiful collection for the home in 1981, when we started creating accessories specifically for the comforts of home and family gatherings indoors and outdoors.


Laura Secord

MADE IN: Quebec City, Quebec

Laura Secord's dedication to making only the finest chocolate and treats has made it Canada's best-known chocolatier.

In 1913, Frank P. O’Connor opened a small candy store in Toronto where he sold hand-made chocolates. He named his store after Laura Secord, the Canadian heroine who was a symbol of courage, devotion, and loyalty.

Laura Secord began as a single shop on Yonge Street in Toronto. O’Connor turned the flat above the shop into a kitchen and prepared his own products. Success prompted the company’s expansion across Ontario and Quebec.

By 1950, there were as many as 96 shops in Ontario and Quebec, and Laura Secord chocolate was a well-established family tradition.


Moss Candles

MADE IN: Toronto, Ontario

Each candle is made with a little bit of our heart and soul.

We, the owners of Soy Elegance (Lynda and Danny) have combined our love of crafts, health and wellness and entrepreneurial skills to come up with a wonderful soy candle line.

We strive to live our lives as ‚Äúgreen‚ÄĚ and clean as we can, and these candles are part of our lifestyle.


Northbound Elements

MADE IN: Muskoka, Ontario

Northbound Elements is a local business owned and operated in Muskoka by brothers-in-law, Isaac Britnell and Ryan Guman. Isaac is a licensed tool and die maker and Ryan is a certified digital graphics artist. Their combined skills and creativity have allowed them to design, manufacture and customize these unique metal products. Everything can be custom made to your liking.


Plant Vitamins

MADE IN: Canada

Plant Vitamins was created from the simple idea to have an easy to use but hard to forget about fertilizer, for your favourite house plants. It quickly grew into so much more and has become a community of amazing plant owners who are committed to sharing their love for their tropical companions and propagating passion among others.


Sadie & June

MADE IN: Ottawa, Ontario

When owners Kendall from New Jersey, and Steve from Ottawa met in Florida, they knew that travel would always play an important role in their family's story:

Our hand-embroidered heart maps were born out of this love and our belief that love knows no borders.

The concept: I began embroidering through paper vintage map prints that meant something special to me and Steve.

I chose a classic and simple red heart because of how it boldly stands out on each map. The heart can carry many meanings: where you love, where you met your love, where your heart remains, etc. In 2017, Steve learned how to stitch and we decided to embroider our customers' unique stories full-time!

Just like the red heart, your story gets stitched into a special piece that is made to be a reminder of the places, people, and adventures you hold dear. We love hearing your own stories of love and travel - and how our maps have become your go-to thoughtful gift!


Seracon Pure Maple Syrup Candle

MADE IN: Montreal, Quebec

[All our candles are] hand poured and hand packaged. Our artisan candles are made with high grade wax blends with 100% cotton wicks.


Van Gogh

MADE IN: Surrey, British Columbia

Van Gogh Designs was founded in 1993 and since its inception it has been one of Canada's fastest growing manufacturers of quality custom upholstered furniture. It has a 100,000sqft state of the art manufacturing facility located in Surrey, British Columbia.


Vintage Map Cushions

MADE IN: Toronto, Ontario

Owner and maker Helen Hawketts started her small family business back in 2010. She always enjoyed vintage maps but it took finding one amazing 1932 roadmap of Prince Edward County to finally start making her unique Canadian vintage map pillows. Today she has over 40 different maps from places all across Canada.

She makes all her pillows by hand in her Toronto studio, or her Prince Edward County farmhouse. They are created as a vintage-style linen pillowcase with 100% down-filled insert.  Your Vintage Map Co pillow will become a treasured family heirloom for years to come.