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The Global Ocean, Hardcover Book

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The global ocean is in trouble. This beautiful and important book explores the issues - and what we can do to help.

Though we think of Earth's five oceans as separate and distinct, they are actually a linked system of circulating water that is one single ocean - the global ocean. This comprehensive and accessible overview explores the global ocean's enormous influence on the planet, as well as humans' often-detrimental influence on the ocean. But it also highlights some of the many ways people are working to restore and heal the global ocean - from everyday actions to large institutional projects - making the message of urgency as hopeful as it is accurate. Filled with fascinating information, stunning visuals, and plenty of calls to action, readers will be inspired to discover what they can do to help heal Earth's most important feature and ultimately, our planet.

Bestselling author Rochelle Strauss applies a positive, proactive approach to the urgent topics of climate change and ocean conservation in this gorgeous and unique depiction of the global ocean, based on the most current ocean science research. Engaging illustrations on every spread by award-winning Natasha Donovan are eye-catching and powerful. Examples of real people of all ages making a difference can be found in sidebars on each spread with more at the back of the book. Two sections list ways to help, one for children and one for the adults in their lives. There are many curriculum links in Earth and life sciences, particularly in climate, environment, habitats, ecosystems, and diversity of living things. Part of the CitizenKid series, this book encourages citizenship and engaging in the global community.

- Page count: 36

- Measures: 11.3" x 0.47" x 9.2"

- Ages: 8-12

- Hardcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rochelle Strauss is a bestselling children's book author, as well as the director of education for the Toronto Botanical Garden. Through her work, Rochelle combines her love of nature and passion for stories to teach children about the wonders of the natural world.