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Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder

The elegant and simple Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder is guaranteed squirrel proof and is effective against red, grey and black squirrels. When the squirrel climbs onto the Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder, its weight closes the ports, protecting the seed within. Featuring a built in ventilation system designed for fresh seed, the Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder will come apart for easy cleaning between feedings. The Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder makes a perfect gift for any bird lover and enthusiast.

The Squirrel Buster Classic Mini Bird Feeder will hold up to 0.75 quarts of bird food and measures 3.875" in diameter x 11.5" high. The Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder comes with a 24 month factory warranty.

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