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If Animals Could Talk: A Children's Book for Adults

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If animals could talk, what would they say? Certainly nothing polite, according to this hilarious illustrated book.

On these pages, you'll meet over 100 uncensored animals showing the whole range of human emotions and foibles, from sassy to grumpy, arrogant to dejected, glib to nonplused. "How old did you say you were?" asks the cougar. "Rise and shine, assholes," trills the bird. "Ball is life," proclaims the hamster. "I have zero interest in seeing you later," quoth the alligator. Giggle and belly laugh your way through this definitely not-for-kids, probably not-safe-for-work collection of brilliant insights into the filthy animals all around us. 

- Measures: 6" H x 6" W x 1" L 

- Page count: 128

- Authors: Carla Butwin,Josh Cassidy

- ISBN: 9781621066118