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Canadian Wooden Weatherstick

Make weather prediction easy with this Canadian Wooden Weatherstick!

Easy to use and install, simply mount this stick facing South or West (for best exposure) about 6' high to avoid breakage and allow it 4-8 days to become acclimatized. When ready, the stick will bend up to indicate good weather, and down to indicate foul weather.

Weathersticks are a traditional weather-predicting tool that have been around for centuries. It's said that the Abenaki Indians that lived along the northeastern coast of the United States and Canada were the first to use them. Hang it outside your kitchen window or on your cottage porch and it'll keep forecasting the weather for years to come!

HOW IT WORKS: The sticks bend based on relative humidity. Higher humidity, which is often a signifier of bad weather, makes them curl downward, and when they dry out they straighten up or curl upwards.

- Measures (approx) 16"L

- Bends down for bad weather, and up for good weather

- Stick bends based on relative humidity

- Balsam fir wood

- Easy to install and will accurately forecast the weather for years