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Campfire Stories Deck For Kids: Storytelling Games To Ignite Imagination

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What happens when a shy moose picks up a magic stick? Or a polite bumblebee accidentally drains the ocean? Firmly grounded in the natural world, Campfire Stories Deck For Kids is a lively create-a-story game that lets kids of all ages combine 25 creature cards, and 25 outdoor action cards to spark their imaginations for endless fun!

Extra cards introduce families to the deck, provide story-telling tips to help engage children, and describe different ways family and friends can play the game, including a collaborative approach in which the entire group contributes to a story.

Includes: 50 game cards divided into two sets: 25 characters (adjectives + nouns), and 25 actions (verb + object and/or adverb)

- Storytelling games to ignite imagination

- A great birthday or Christmas gift that helps encourage creativity

- Giftable cardboard box measures: 4.75" x 6" x 1"

- Illustrations by Melissa McFeeters