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C.R. Plastics Premium Footstool

Relax and kick up your heals in comfort, by adding the C.R. Plastics Premium Footstool to your favorite Muskoka / Adirondack Chair. Ergonomically designed, the C.R. Plastics Premium Footstool offers a large selection of fade resistant designer colours, and can be used for residential or commercial use.

Made of heavy 7/8" gauge plastic lumber and featuring all stainless steel hardware, the C.R. Plastics  Footstool is completely waterproof and  requires no painting, rot resistant and sliver resistant. The C.R. Plastics Footstool measures 18" (46 cm ) in depth x 18" (46 cm ) in width, and 16" (41 cm ) high and weighs 19lb (8.6kg).

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