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50 Things To Try When Camping Adventure Journal

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This 50 Things To Try When Camping Adventure Journal is perfect for capturing memories, inspiring activities, and stimulating creativity — out in the wilderness or in your own backyard!

Full of super-creative ideas and activities, plus some space to add your own, the pages of this journal will help you get the most out of any camping trip. Begin on any page and do as many activities as you can fit in a day, in any order you'd like.

Map out your campsite, draw your own wilderness monster, learn the difference between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, then tackle your "daily dare".  

An extra page in the back of the book is a great place to jot down notes, pictures, and doodles from your adventures. There's a pocket inside the back cover to hold a pencil or special things and an elastic band to keep the journal closed.

- Ages 6-10 (grade level 1-5)

- Page count: 64

- Author: Kim Hankinson