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Tie Dye Parafoil 5 Kite

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An impressive sight to behold, the Tie Dye Parafoil 5 Kite is a spectacular sight against the sky!

With bold colourful tie dye graphics and ageless appeal, this kite is constructed with a ripstop nylon sail. It includes a 5-streamer tail, and 500ft of 50lb test line and yo-yo winder. To fly, have a friend stand about 50 feet downwind from you and hold the kite gently by the sides allowing the wind to inflate the airfoil cells. When inflated, have your friend release it while you pull gently on the line. As the kite rises, slowly let out more line.

- Wind range: 6-20 mph

- Size: 20" W x 32" H

- Includes 500ft 50lb test line and yo-yo winder

- Includes 5-streamer tail

- Fabric: Ripstop nylon

- Flying instructions included