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Relaxound Stainless Steel Birdybox

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Treat yourself to an amazing bird concert and a moment of relaxation with this Relaxound Stainless Steel Birdybox!

Activated by a motion detector, it conjures up a soothing aural backdrop of a forest filled with happy chirping birds wherever you are before fading away again after 20 seconds. A great way to unwind and melt away the stress, this little device is perfect for at home or the office, sit it in a bookshelf, by the coffee machine, or on a bathroom or bedroom windowsill for some immediate peace throughout your day.

Featuring adjustable volume, this battery operated house is crafted with hand polished un-lacquered stainless steel with a natural patina, a body made of natural materials from Germany, and is packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard box.

Sound: 20 seconds of birds chirping and forest sounds

Motion activated sensor: automatically turns the sound on when you pass by

- Rechargeable battery: USB micro-B charger cable included

- Adjustable volume

- Provides an aural backdrop of soothing forest atmosphere

- Great for home or the office in the hallway or bathroom

- Measures: 3"W x 1"D x 5"H

- Materials: Hand brushed & polished stainless steel front / natural materials / recycled cardboard packaging

- A relaxing tool by Relaxound