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Maybe This Will Help: How To Feel Better When Things Stay The Same, Hardcover

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Maybe This Will Help is a visual pep talk of charts and essays on feeling better about not feeling better.

Michelle Rial brings to light her struggles with chronic pain, grief, and creative uncertainty in a way that reflects the universality of dealing with the unthinkable.

Equal parts funny and moving, this book delves into the more serious side of things, finding levity and collective experience in the invisible difficulties that so many of us face. Through humorous charts and intimate peeks into the author's life, it explores the big things that can feel unmanageable and the everyday humor that keeps us moving forward.

Self help with humor: this book brings levity and laughter to serious topics without undermining the important message and relatability that makes it resonate

- Page count: 160

- Dimensions: 7" x 0.7" x 7"

- Hardcover

- Perfect for people in their 20s and 30s grappling with big life changes or chronic illness.

Michel Rial is a graphic designer who makes charts. Named by Vulture as one of "9 of the Funniest Cartoonists and Illustrators on Instagram", her work has been featured by The New Yorker, Fast Company, USA Today, and more.