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Houseplant Duster Gloves, Set of 2

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Unclog the pores of indoor plants and promote photosynthesis with this set of 2 Houseplant Duster Gloves. These washable and reusable gloves fit both hands.

Attracts Dust: Dirt and dust are negatively charged so they are literally attracted to the gloves like a magnet

Soft & delicate: The 100% cotton fabric enables you to remove dust without damaging your plant

Wearable: Full dextrous control means you reach every last speck of dust, dirt, and debris

Washable: Simply rinse and reuse. For better for the environment than disposable duster cloths. Not suitable for machine washing. 

- Set of 2

- Doesn't damage leaves

- Made from 100% cotton

- Cardboard box and sleeve made from 100% recycled paper