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For the Love of Cats: A Wooden Magnet Set

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Celebrate the majesty and charms of cats in your home or office with this keepsake set of illustrated wooden magnets, fold-out poster, sticker sheets, and mini breeds guidebook.

- Deluxe Wooded Magnets: This set includes 8 full-color, illustrated wooden magnets, each featuring a unique cat pose.

- Fold-out Poster: Show off your love for your kitties with this 6 3/8 x 7 1/4 inch illustrated fold-out poster. 

- Book Included: Learn the ins and outs of the 8 featured cat breeds—Balinese, Bengal, Exotic Shorthair, Manx, Munchkin, Ragdoll, Siamese, and Sphynx—in the enclosed 48-page, fully-illustrated mini book. 

- Bonus Sticker Sheets: Two sheets of full-color stickers add feline flair to anything you place them on. 

- A Unique Gift for Cat Lovers: Cat lovers of all ages and abilities will love this unique gift set

- Giftable cardboard box measures 3"W x 2"D x 4"H