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D-Bodhi Folding Table

Ideal for smaller spaces and condos, the D-Bodhi Folding Table provides ample dining space when unfolded and can be folded up to create more floor space. The versatile and modern designed D-Bodhi Folding Table when folded features a convenient shelves and a chalkboard that is ideal for writing messages, menus or grocery lists. When unfolded, the D-Bodhi Folding Table offers a comfortable table height dining space for two.

Dimensions: 25.59"W x 10.04"/34.65" D x 45.67"/72.44"H

  • Folded: 25.59" W x 10.04" D x 45.67" H.
  • Open: 25.59" W x 34.65" D x 72.44" H.
  • Table Height: 30.5"

Materials: teak, recycled metal and chalkboard.