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Alone, Hardcover Picture Book

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Being alone can be tough. That's why Earth is looking for a friend. But finding pals isn't easy, especially in the darkness of space.

Earth is an affectionate planet who is looking for a friend. She's delighted when she spots Sun, but Sun is quick to reject her offer of friendship. "I can't be friends with a planet like you, for I am a star and you are too new." As Earth searches the solar system, she's met with a similar response from the other planets - Mercury only likes friends who are dry, Mars only makes friends with those who are red, and Jupiter only has time for big friends.

When something fiery, red, and menacing comes hurtling towards her, she fears the worst...but could it be a sign that something wonderful is about to happen?

Alone is an endearing and uplifting story from best-selling author Scott Stuart about how our worst disaster can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.

- Hardcover picture book

- Page count: 32

- Ages: 3+

- Measures: 9" x 11"

- Bright and colourful illustrations by Scott Stuart

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott Stuart is a writer, illustrator, and designer who still watches kids' movies when his son is not around. He is passionate about dismantling gender stereotypes and empowering children to follow their own unique path.