Wavy Gradient Fringe Delta Kite, 24" - Moss Danforth

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Wavy Gradient Fringe Delta Kite, 24"

An excellent beginner kite, the Wavy Gradient Fringe Delta Kite, 24" can fly on a puff of wind from most any neighbourhood park!

With bold whimsical 90's-inspired graphics and ageless appeal, this kite is made with a resilient fiberglass frame. Constructed with a nylon sail, this easy-to-fly kite comes equipped with streamer tails that makes it a spectacular sight against the sky.

- Wind range: 5-18 mph

- Size: 24" W x 19.5" H

- Includes 300ft line and winder

- Three streamer tails included

- Fabric: Polyester

- Frame: fiberglass

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