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STAX - Insane Magnetic Building Blocks

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STAX are insane magnetic building blocks designed for kids and "kidults" ages 8-108! Each set comes with 28 pieces and 1 magnetic tray. These strong durable magnets are great for building tall 3D structures and come in an array of colours to entertain for hours, and inspire creativity and imagination.

12 x Squares (1" x 1")
8 x Equilateral triangles (1" x 11")
4 x Right triangles (1.35" x 1")
4 x Acute triangles (2.35" x 1")
1 x Magnetic tray

- Great for kids! Encourages imaginative and creative play and enhances math, geometry, and science skills

- Strong durable magnets are great for building tall 3D structures

- Designed for ages 8 to 108