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Modern Sprout Organic Cilantro Garden Jar

Grow fresh and organic cilantro with the Organic Cilantro Garden Jar. Equipped with a self watering hydroponic system, the Organic Cilantro Garden Jar makes it easy to grow and enjoy fresh and flavourful cilantro all year round, no green thumb required. The hydroponic system brings water and nutrients to the plant’s roots. Just add water and place by a window. The Organic Cilantro Garden Jar comes in a green vintage inspired mason jar and includes a stainless steel net pot, grow medium, a wick, a reservoir and certified organic cilantro seeds.

Includes a stainless steel net pot, grow medium, wick and reservoir

  • Measures 6” x 3.5”
  • 12-21 days to sprout
  • Can be harvested in 2 months

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