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La Rochere Bee Glass Carafe

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Perfect for everyday dining and entertaining, the La Rochere Bee Glass Carafe is ideal for serving everything from water, iced tea and lemonade to sangria and margaritas. The graceful La Rochere Bee Carafe features an elegant silhouette with an updated contemporary design that will bring the French Provence charm to your table top and home.

The La Rochere Bee Carafe features four of the charming Napoleon symbol of l'abeille around the glass. The bee as come to be the symbol of the magical countrysides of the South of France, where La Rochere Glassworks first founded in 1475, has operated continuously since 1666. Producing both handmade blown glass and machine glass, La Rochere prides itself on producing some of the world's finest glassware.

Made in France of durable glass, the La Rochere Bee Carafe has a 25.4oz capacity and measures 8.5" tall. The La Rochere Bee Carafe is dishwasher safe.