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Glass Terrarium Bottle Set, 5L

Get creative and make something totally unique that will last with this stunning 5 Litre Sealed Terrarium Bottle Set!

With a large glass bottle, telescoping stainless steel trowel and rake, and a bottle cork to keep it all sealed, this terrarium kit has everything you need to make your own stunning self contained indoor garden. Plants can survive in a sealed bottle on recycled air, water, and food through the closed micro-ecosystem with only the need for light.

This truly beautiful piece of decor, with the proper care, can last you for years (the longest known terrarium lasted on its own for 53 years!).

- Includes: 1 5L glass bottle, 1 bottle cork 1 each telescoping stainless steel trowel and rake (59cm)

- Plants survive on their own in the sealed bottle

- The only external factor is light

- Bottle measures: 12.5"H x 9"W

- Maintenance free

- Plants not included

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