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Grow-Your-Own Cherry Tomatoes Mini Pot

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Watch something grow right in front of your eyes with this eco-friendly Cherry Tomatoes Mini Pot!

This seed kit, complete with soil for seedlings and growing instructions, comes in a 100% compostable pot that's the perfect size for keeping on a desk, window sill, or your bedside table. The pot itself is made from a blend of unbleached cardboard, and PLA plastic - a plant-based material made from corn starch.

- Measures: 4"Dia x 2.5"H

- Comes with seeds, soil, and growing instructions

- No transplanting required: Plants grow directly in the cardboard pot

- Eco-friendly

- Pot material: 100% compostable unbleached cardboard, and PLA plastic - a plant-based material made from corn starch

- Pots made in Quebec, mixtures made in Montreal