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Danica Studio Hootenanny Tote Bag

Perfect for heading off to work, the beach or the market, the stylish Danica Studio Hootenanny Tote Bag will allow you to pack all of your important necessities or to pick up fresh produce and other errands on your way. The generous sized Danica Studio HootenannyTote Bag features long handles that make commuting and carrying the bag a breeze. The Danica Studio Hootenanny Tote Bag features reinforced stitching and a flat bottom for easy packing.

The Danica Studio HootenannyTote Bag features charming sea foam green illustration of two owls, for a perfectly contemporary and stylish addition to any outfit.

Made of 100% Cotton, the Danica Studio Hootenanny Tote Bag measures 18" Wide x 15" High.

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